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Environment Land Page
Our Environmental Commitment

At our Copy & Print Centres, we care about protecting the environment.
Our Copy & Print Centres are equipped with the latest in energy-efficient
technology. STAPLES® is committed to protecting and preserving
our natural resources through sustainable business practices.
4 Production Centres
Copy & Print Production Centres located in Burnaby, Mississauga, Laval
and Calgary are bullfrogpowered with 100% clean, pollution-free electricity.

Renewable Electricity
Bullfrog’s generators inject renewable electricity onto the electricity grid
to match the amount of electricity used when producing print orders.

Reduced Impact
By choosing to bullfrogpower these Copy & Print Production Centres,
Staples Canada is now reducing the environmental impact of its most
energy-intensive copy and print jobs.

Reduced Carbon Emissions
This expansion increases the carbon emissions reduction associated
with Staples’ support of renewable energy to more than 1,800 tonnes of
carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the electricity-related carbon
emissions of just over 1000 Canadian homes.

Corporate Responsibility
Staples’ partnership with Bullfrog Power is an important part of our
commitment to corporate social responsibility, helping us to reduce our
environmental impact and help create a cleaner, healthier world.
Staples Canada has been supporting
renewable energy Canada through its
partnership with Bullfrog Power since
April 2013.

In July 2014, this partnership was
expanded to include Staples
Copy & Print Production Centres.
Step Forward Paper
Made from 80% wheat straw fiber with the remaining 20% consisting of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood fiber.

Key Benefits:
Eco Conscious Paper Choices
Forest Friendly
Every 2 boxes of Step
Forward paper used in
place of traditional copy
paper made from virgin
forest fiber saves 1 tree
Elemental chlorine free
Wheat paper does not
use elemental chlorine
gas during the bleaching
process and prevents the
formation of dioxins and
dioxin-like compounds,
Home Grown
Every hectare of wheat
cropland in Manitoba can
produce enough straw for
1.5 tonnes of straw paper
You can select Step Forward paper for document printing submitted online
or in-store. Choose “Step-Forward” at customization or ask an associate
for this paper type at the counter.
Premium Recycled Paper
Be responsible with an eco-friendly cardstock that is thicker and
sturdier than our standard matter stock.

Key Benefits:
Made from 100%
post-consumer waste
FSC and Green Seal
Process Chlorine Free
You can select this paper option at time of customization of products
like business cards, postcards, greeting cards.
We’ve partnered with Unisource Canada to supply paper for our
STAPLES® Copy & Print Centres.

Unisource Canada is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),
an independent, membership-based organization that brings people
together to provide accreditation services for companies and organizations
interested in responsible forestry.

Forest Certification is the process by which the environmental, social
and economic integrity of forest management is measured and verified by
a credible third party.
Corporate Partnerships