Improve Business with Colour
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Improve your business with colour

Colour captures attention, enhances productivity, improves communication and helps boost sales.

Captures attention
Colour emphasizes critical information and conveys a sense of professionalism.
Your company’s first impression is the most important one. Using colour demonstrates that you mean business. The decision whether to read or reject pamphlets and direct mail pieces is made by readers in just 2.5 seconds. Using colour can keep your materials on their desk and out of the wastebasket.

Enhances productivity
Colour reduces search time by as much as 80%.
Contracts, insurance policies and other lengthy documents can be made more legible by using colour to highlight the important information. Customers will spend less time tying up your customer service representatives with confusing questions, increasing your operation’s overall efficiency.

Improves communication
Colour increases comprehension by as much as 73%.Your prospects and potential customers can understand your message faster and more clearly. That speeds sales presentations and makes the whole process run more effectively.

Boosts sales
Colour helps sell up to 80% more.
Collateral materials, sales brochures and other consumer communications can help generate more sales with the application of colour. Print colour. It makes business sense.