Engineering Prints
Large format prints for
architectural plans and line drawings
Starting at $1.47 / sheet
Professional black and white printing on bond paper
Available sizes: 18” x 24”, 20” x 30” and 24” x 36”
Free shipping on orders over $45
Sizes available
Starting at
18" x 24"
$1.47 / sheet
20" x 30"
$2.04 / sheet
24" x 36"
$2.94 / sheet
Popular file types are accepted including (but not limited to): PDF’s, DWF’s, and DWG’s. Upload your files and have your large format prints delivered directly to your office, or choose in-store pick up for quicker access.
At Staples, you can also have your engineering prints laminated or mounted on foam core for presentations.
Contractors & Interior Designers
Display floorplans and layouts
Engineering prints are great for printing line drawings and graphics in large format with high quality and contrast. Use them to highlight technical and architectural drawings.
Architects & Engineers
Present or distribute them to clients
Large format printing produces an easily viewable alternative and low-cost option for plans and ideas, especially where high quantities are required.
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